Terms & Conditions

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The General Terms and Conditions ("Terms") displayed on this website, and the content and services available on or through any of the foregoing, shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Agreement" provided to you ("Customer/User/ Player") by Play11.

  1. 1. General Provisions

    • Play11 is the brand of Mentobile Technologies LLP(hereinafter "Play11") which develops and offers cricket based online mobile applications fantasy games and refer and earn plan through various contests and games ("Games / Contest") that can be downloaded from the APP Stores of various providers.
    • The Games are only offered to natural persons ("User/s" or " Customer/s" or "Player/s") who conclude a legal transaction for purposes which can predominantly neither be attributed to their commercial nor their self-employed professional activity.
    • All Games made by Play11 are provided exclusively on the basis of the Terms.
    • The Terms are displayed when downloading each Game, within the Game, on the company website (https://play11.in ) ("Site")
    • Play11 can change, suspend, or cease all or any part of the Site and at its discretion can discard or remove any submissions made by the User which are not as per the Terms or the applicable laws and it may extend to deactivate the User's account;
    • Once the User make its account on One to11, he/she may be entitled for any bonus or joining points as per the Terms of Play11 ("Bonus Points") which shall be credited in User's account and can be used only for participation in Games. Any Bonus Points or other points earned by the User shall be transferred to his/her designated online One to11wallet ( "Play11 Wallet"). The User shall be responsible for any transaction which its happens through his/her Play11 Wallet.

By visiting Play11 or using our services, you agree that you are lawfully competent and able to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, representations and responsibilities set forth in these terms of service which may be amended from time to time, and to abide and comply with these terms. Play11 may update and change any or all of these terms at any time. it is your responsibility to review these terms periodically, and continued use of the services after any such changes have been made and posted shall constitute your consent to such changes.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. by accessing and using the services in any manner, you agree to become bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. if you do not agree to be bound by such terms and conditions, you must not access or use the services.

If you do not abide by the provisions of these terms & conditions, except as we may otherwise provide from time to time, you agree that we may immediately deactivate or delete your user account and all related information and files in your user account and/or restrict any further access to such information and/or files, or our services, with or without notice.

You must exercise caution, good sense and sound judgment in using the services. you are prohibited from violating, or attempting to violate, the security of the services. any such violations may result in criminal and/or civil penalties against you. Play11 will investigate any alleged or suspected violations and if a criminal violation is suspected, Play11 may contact and/or cooperate with law enforcement agencies in their investigations.

  1. 2. Conclusion of Contract, Term, Termination

    • The User confirms to have full legal capacity and, in the case of restricted legal capacity, to have obtained the consent of his/her legal guardian.
    • The contract for the use of the Game is concluded by downloading the Game from the respective App Store. Details of this process can be found in the terms of use of the respective App Store. The download creates a contract between the User and Play11 for the use of the respective Game. The corresponding license and usage agreement on the basis of the Terms is concluded for an indefinite period of time and may be terminated by either party at any time, subject to Section 2.3, without specifying any reasons by providing notice of four weeks.
    • Play11 charges its Users a platform or subscription fee in respect of any Play11 Services. All the payments done by the User for a subscription must be done by credit card, debit card, or any other valid payment method, along with applicable taxes, and all the information provided by User in connection with such purchase must be accurate and complete. The User agree that all payments made in connection with subscription are non-refundable unless otherwise specified in these Terms. Play11 shall, without delay, repay such platform fee in the event of suspension or removal of the User's account or Play11 Services on account of any negligence or deficiency on the part of Play11, but not if such suspension or removal is effected due to:
      • any breach or inadequate performance by the User of any of the Terms; or
      • any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Play11.
    • It is recommended to always install the latest version of the Game. Play11 is only obligated to provide the full scope of performance and the correct
    • functionality for the current version of the Game.
    • In the event of ordinary termination by the User or termination by Play11 for good cause, no reimbursement of paid fees shall take place. Play11 shall be
    • entitled to continue to charge all outstanding fees for the period of which User has subscribed.
    • The User may not transfer this agreement to third parties. In the event of a breach of this provision (account transfer), Play11 shall be entitled to
    • terminate the agreement without notice. In such event, a prorated refund shall also be excluded.
    • The statutory right to extraordinary termination of this agreement without notice for good cause shall not be affected.

  1. 3. Account and User data

    • Upon conclusion of the contract and use of the Game, Play11 shall store the progress of the Game and any additional content. For more information, please refer to Play11 Privacy policy.
    • The User must select secure access credentials and not make such data available to third parties. Play11 is not responsible for any damage resulting from the breach of this duty. In the event of suspected abuse, Play11 shall be entitled to temporarily block access to the Game in question.
    • If the User select a username in the Game, this must not violate applicable laws and/or the Terms. Play11 shall be entitled to change or delete the name in the event of a breach of this provision, either at the instigation of a third party or on its own initiative. No separate justification for the name change shall be necessary. The User has no claim to a specific name. Other rights of Play11 in the event of a breach of this provision shall not be affected.

  1. 4. Subscriptions

    • The Games are available through a subscription. Subscriptions may be available at different fees chargeable for a set period specified in the Games ("Subscription Period"). If you order a subscription, you must ensure that all the information you submit is true and accurate and that you have appropriate parental or guardian consent if you are under 18 years of age.
    • The User can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewals in the respective device's account settings.
    • Play11 reserves the right to alter the amount and/or terms of the subscription fees at any time. Additional information to price changes can be found in the terms of the respective platform.
    • Additional information on payment and use of subscriptions can be found in the terms of the respective platform:
      Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/about/play-terms/index.html
      Apple App Store: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/
    • For selected subscription offers ( at the discretion of Play11 and till the validity remains), a trial period may be included. In this case, the exclusive contents of the subscription may be used free of charge for a specific period specified in the offer ("Free Trial Period"). This will automatically be converted into a paid subscription unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the Free Trial Period.
    • A Free Trial Period can only be claimed once by each User. If a User has already used the Free Trial Period, the subscription fee will be charged directly after confirmation of the purchase of the subscription.

  1. 5. User obligations

    • When using the Games or participating in any of the Contest, the User may not use any other software or other routines that could interfere with the systems of Play11 or other users. This includes actions that could lead to an unreasonable overloading of the systems of Play11. The use of special software, particularly for systematic or automatic control of Games, is prohibited.
    • The User shall not use any cheats, unauthorized understanding with other users, software or exploit any programming errors that lead or could lead to obtaining advantage over other User or other unintended benefits for the User. In the event of unjustified acquisition of unintended benefits, Play11 may delete or deactivate the unjustified other benefits. For the purposes of clarification: The above shall not apply if a feature can be acquired as a reward for certain Game actions.
    • In connection with the services of Play11, the User may not use any software that enables "data mining" or otherwise collects information in connection with the Games.
    • The User may be entitled for any rewards or prize subject to the terms as fit announced by Play11. Any contest or participation of the User in any of the Games will be subjective to the rules notified for the such games from time to time by Play11.
    • The User may not use, buy for real money (except through the App Stores), sell, trade, or attempt to use any content outside the Game.
    • When using any communication functions within the Games, the User must comply with all applicable laws and must not infringe the rights of third parties. In addition, certain content is undesirable in the Games because it contradicts the character of the Games as family entertainment media. In concrete terms, this means that Users may not
      • use, post or publish any harassing, threatening, disturbing, insulting or defamatory, discriminatory, political, immoral, pornographic, morally reprehensible, offensive, violent, sexist, extreme right-wing or left-wing content or content that glorifies violence or violates laws, particularly laws for the protection of minors, or link to corresponding material on a third party website or advertise, offer or distribute such content or products that violates laws, particularly laws for the protection of minors;
      • and publish, duplicate, make publicly accessible or disseminate content protected for the benefit of third parties without a corresponding license, in particular infringe upon industrial property rights, advertise, offer or distribute goods or services, commit or promote anti-competitive acts, request other users to provide personal data for commercial or illegal purposes or to provide access data, organize or advertise commercial activities and sales of third parties, duplicate an image of another person or make it publicly accessible without the written consent of the person concerned, or publish personal data and confidential data without being entitled to do so.
    • Play11 shall be entitled to delete content that violates applicable law and/or these General Terms and Conditions.
    • The User may only use the Games for authorised purposes, unless Play11 has given its express prior written consent to any other use in individual cases.
    • Any breach of the Terms may lead to termination for good cause. In lieu of such termination, Play11 may, at its sole discretion, announce measures or take sanctioning measures of any kind to enforce the provisions of the Terms. In particular, this shall include declaring a temporary or permanent virtual ban from the systems, warning the user of their temporary or permanent exclusion of the user from individual Game functions.
    • Users shall be obligated to regularly back up all their data on the devices on which they use the Games in a manner appropriate to the risk.
    • Conditions of Participation:- The User hereby agree to abide by the Terms (including any revision and/or amendment) for participation in any of the Contest and Play11 is authorised at is own discretion to exclude the User from participation in Contest and cease any prize which such User may have acquired in violation of the Terms which includes but not limited to the following:
      • Falsifying ones' claim individual data (counting, but not restricted to, title, mail address, bank account details of interest and/or any other data or documentation as enquired by Play11 to enter a Contest and/or claim a prize/winning.;
      • Engaging in any sort of budgetary extortion or distortion counting unauthorized utilize of credit/debit rebellious, payment wallet accounts etc. to enter a Contest or claim a prize. It is explicitly clarified that the onus to demonstrate something else should exclusively lie on the user.;
      • Colluding with any other user(s) or locks in in any sort of syndicate play;
      • Any infringement of Contest rules or the Terms;
      • Accumulating points or prizes through unauthorized strategies such as computerized bots, or other mechanized means;
      • Using mechanized implies (counting but not restricted to collecting bots, robots, parser, creepy crawlies or screen scrubbers) to get, collect or get to any data on the Site or of any User for any purpose
      • Any sort of Reward Points abuse, abuse of the welcome companions program, or abuse of any other offers or promotions;
      • Tampering with the organization of a Contest or attempting to in any way alter with the computer programs or any security degree related with a Contest;
      • Obtaining other users' data without their express assent and/or information and/or spamming other users (spamming may incorporate but might not be restricted to send spontaneous emails to users, sending bulk emails to Play11 Users, sending outlandish e-mail substance either to chosen Users or in bulk); or
      • Abusing on the Site in any way (‘uncivilized dialect, slangs or insolent words' are a few of the illustrations of abuse)
      • It is clarified that in case a User is found to be in infringement of this arrangement, Play11 reserves its right to initiate any civil or criminal action against such User and be entitled to recover any losses from such User which may have been incurred due to such acts of the User.

  1. 6. Registration for a Contest

    • In arrange to enlist for the Contest(s), User is required to precisely give the taking after data:
      • Full Name
      • Team Name(s)
      • E-mail address
      • Password
      • State of Residence
      • Gender
      • Date of birth
    • User hereby agrees that participation in Game is his/her affirmation that he/she has examined the Terms and have accepted to abide by the Terms.
    • The User hereby acknowledge and accept that there are certain states in India where online fantasy games such as Play11's Game are prohibited for its inhabitants and the User is not an inhabitant of such states which includes but not limited to Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland and Telangana. In the event, any such User from prohibited states register himself/herself, Play11 once discover about the residence of such User, it may deactivate such User's accounts or prohibit him/her from any further participation in any of the Contest.

  1. 7. Contest(s), Participation and Prizes

    • The registered User shall have access to the Site to participate in the Contest.
    • Any User who wish to participate in any Contest may form their fantasy teams ("Teams/s"), where the Teams shall consist of virtual cricket players based upon real life cricket players and the User shall be permitted to change the players of his/her Team prior to the toss for the particular sports event for each the Team is participating is been conducted.
    • Any changes in the actual sports event based upon which the Contest is been organized, the due date for Contest may be altered accordingly at the discretion of Play11.
    • The Teams participating in the Contest shall be allotted the points based on the actual performance of the players who are participating in the actual sports event on which the Contest is based upon.
    • The results for the Contest shall be declared by Play11 not later than 48 hours of the completion of the actual sports event on which the Contest is based upon and the decision of Play11 shall be final and binding upon the Users.
    • The Team/s generated maximum points shall be declared winner and be intimated by sms and/ or email communication. In certain pre-specified Contests, there may be more than one winner and the final prize shall be shared among the winners in proportionate to their points and overall scores in the Contest.
    • The User hereby agree to abide by any additional rules as implemented by Play11 in addition to the Terms based upon any changes in the real sports event or any changes in the applicable laws.
    • As of now, the Contest are available only for prior paid and subscribed Users only and pre-determined prize money which may vary from Contest to Contest.
    • At any time, the User is not permitted to create the Teams where either of the Team is participating in opposite to his/her other Team and it would be considered as violation of the Terms.
    • In the Contest, where all Users have entered with the precise same Teams, counting the captain and vice-captain in such event, Contest prize money points should be distributed in equal proportion to their respective Play11 Wallet.
    • In Beginning Lineup Highlight : Reason of showing a User's consideration in last beginning lineup is as it were to supply data and help a User in selecting his/her team on Play11. Whereas demonstrating a player's consideration in beginning lineup is given by Play11 on the premise of information/data gotten through API suppliers, freely accessible data. Users are encouraged to do a careful investigate of their claim from official sources and/or other accessible sources of data. Play11, should not take any obligation, in case a player prior shown as 'Playing' does not play or begin for any reason at all.
    • Any substitute player on the field will not be granted points for any commitment they make. Be that as it may, 'Concussion Substitutes' will be granted points granted four (4) points for making an appearance in a match and will be bonus points any commitment they make as per the fantasy points system.

  1. 8. Contest Formats

    • As of now, two teams of contest(s) are made accessible on Play11:-(1) Open Contest where Users can take an interest in a Contest with other users without any limitation on support and (2) private contests, where Users can welcome particular users into a Contest and limit interest to such invited Users. A User at a time can enter into not more than 500 Contests ( inclusive of Public and Private Contest). Any participation in addition to the 500 Contests shall be denied. The User participating in any Contest (s) authorize Play11 to name a third party/ Trustee/Escrow Operator to oversee Users reserves on Users sake.

    • Public Contest

      • In the public contest format of the Contest(s), Play11 may make accessible the Contest(s) comprising of 2 - 100 Users or any other pre-formatted number of Users. The number of participating Users can be revised from time to time as notified by Play11.
      • Play11 may organize the Contest(s) as a pre- paid format, where the winner shall be announced at the end of the Contest based upon the points earned.
      • The number of Users required to create the Contest(s) operational will be pre-specified and once the number of Users in such Contest(s) rises to the pre-specified number required for that Contest(s), such Contest(s) should be operational. In case the number of Users are less than the pre-specified number at the commencement of the match, such Contest(s) will not be operational and the pre-formatted sum paid by each User to be returned to User's Play11 Wallet.
      • In certain Contests Play11 assigned it as "Confirmed contests", the Contest(s) might gotten to be operational as it were when a least of two Users connect a Confirmed contest. The pre-specified number of winners to be pronounced in such Contest(s), indeed in the event that all accessible User openings (as pre-specified in connection to the Contest(s)) stay unfilled. It is clarified that regardless the actuation of such Contest(s), Users can proceed to connect such Contest(s) till either (i) all accessible User openings of such Contest(s) are filled or (ii) the match to which the Contest (s) relates commences, whichever is prior. Within the event of shortage within the number of User joining the Confirmed contest, Play11 should continue with such contests and the brief drop within the prize pool should be borne by Play11.

    • Private Contest

      • Play11 empowers Users to form a private contest ("Private contest") and welcome other Users, whether existing Users or something else, ("Invited User") to form teams and take part within the Contest(s). Users may make a Private contest to comprise of a pre-specified number of Users, that's, comprising of either 2 -100 Users. The User making the Private contest might pay the pre-formatted sum for such Private contest and subsequently connect that Private contest and might furnish a specified name to distinguish the Private contest and be allotted with a specific proof code ("Contest Code") (which shall be issued to the account of such User). The User agrees and affirms that once the Private contest is made no amendment or alteration shall be allowed within the terms or structure of the Private contest, except to change the title of such Private contest. The User organizing the Private contest shall furnish the email account details and/or facebook account of Invited Users to enable Play11 to send a message or mail welcoming such Invited Users to register with Play11 (in the event that vital) and take an interest within the Private contest in connection to which the welcome has been issued.
      • To participate in a Private contest, an Invited User needs to feed the Contest Code related with the Private contest and pay the pre-formatted sum for the Private contest. Once the number of Users in a Private contest rises to the number of pre-specified Users for that Private contest, however, if the minimum pre-approved number of Users are not achieved, then the Private contest might be cancelled or postpone at the discretion of OneTo 11.
      • Only 2 Private contests per User per day are allowed.
      • The interest of Invited Users in any Private contest is subject to the pre-specified number of Users for such Private contest, and Play11 is not accountable to any User for his/her failure to participate in any Private contests due to any technical failure or the User is not eligible to participate as per the Terms.

  1. 9. Legality of Game of Skill

    • The Contest (s) organized on the Site of Play11 are legitimate and are as per the applicable laws of India. The Games organized on the Site are played upon the prevalent information, preparing, consideration, encounter and ability of the player should be classified as a diversion of aptitude, which has been upheld by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in its decision in the matter of State of Andhra Pradesh v. K Satyanarayana (AIR 1968 SC 825) and KR Lakshmanan v. State of Tamil Nadu (AIR 1996 SC 1153).
    • Play11 apprise its Users that the Contest (s) are based on User's expertise, knowledge of cricket players, their current playing format, applicable rules for different formats of cricket including but not limited to as ODIs, test cricket and Twenty20 as the points of the Contest(s) shall be based upon them. The Contest(s) too requires Users to field well-balanced sides with constrained assets and make substitutions at fitting times to pick up the score points.
    • The User hereby agrees and affirms that he/she is an ardent expert of cricket and is well versed with the rules of cricket in any format.

  1. 10. Eligibility

    • The Contest(s) are open to any User who is and above 18 years.
    • The Contest(s) are open to the User residing in India except for the person from the states which includes but not limited to Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Telangana, which has prohibited online fantasy game like Play11.
    • The User must have a genuine electronic mail account for communication and participation.
    • Any User engaged or involved in disclosing any insider information which is not available at public domain and use the same information to win the Contest (s) shall be disqualified.
    • Only those Users who have effectively enlisted on the Play11 as well as enlisted earlier to each match in agreement with the method laid out over might be qualified to take part within the Contest and win prizes.

  1. 11. Payment Terms

    For any monetary transactions concluded on the Site including but not limited to the payment received and made by the User for participation in the Contest(s), the User hereby agrees and affirms to abide by the followings:

      1. The payment of pre-formatted sum by the Users is mandatory to participate in the Contest(s) and is evidence of User's commitment towards prize money.
      2. Subject to the Terms, all sums collected from the Users are not entitled for any interest and shall be utilize by Play11 as per their discretion for fulfillment of Contest(s), prize money, withdrawals by the Users and any other expenses towards it.
      3. Play11 is entitled to charge an additional fee, Platform Charge, whose details will be provided on the Contest page and any User prior to create his/her account on the Site shall be informed of any such additional charges or by the time when it is applicable for the existing Users and the Users shall be provided with the receipt of Platform Charge.
      4. The User may take part in a Contest wherein the User needs to contribute a pre-specified commitment sum as his/her contribution towards the Prize Money of such Contest, which can be passed on to the winner(s) of the Contest after the completion of the Contest as per the terms and conditions of such Contest. Play11 has no vested interest in the Prize Money and would only act as a custodian of sum collected as contributions of the Users for forming the corpus of Prize Money. And, shall be entitled to deduct any expenses which may be incurred by Play11 for administrative of such functions and organizing the Contest (s).
      5. Each time a User participate in any Contest on Play11 platform, the pre-formatted sum should be charged from the User's account. In charging sums from the User's accounts towards the pre-formatted sum of such User might be charged from the User's unutilized account and from that point, any remaining sum of support charge might be charged from the User's winning account.
      6. In case there's any sum remaining to be paid by the User in connection to such User's cooperation in any match(s) or Contest(s), the User will be directed to payment portal to make necessary payments before proceeding to the match. In case any additional sum transferred by the User, the excess sum can be utilize by the User in any other match and/ or Contest(s).
      7. Debits from the ‘unutilized' account for the reason of empowering a User's interest in a Contest should be made in arrange of the date of credit of sums within the ‘unutilized' account, and in like manner sums credited into ‘unutilized' account prior in time might be charged first.
      8. A User is allowed to transfer any sums credited into such User's 'unutilized' account for any reason at all by reaching Play11's Customer Support. All sums credited into a User's 'unutilized' account must be consumed within 335 days of credit. In case any unutilized sum lies within the 'unutilized' account even after completion of 335 days from the date of credit of such sum, Play11 inherits the right to relinquish such unutilised sum, without risk or commitment to pay any remuneration to the User.
      9. Withdrawal of any sum standing to the User's credit within the rewards account may be made by way of a ask to Play11 but might happen consequently upon completion of 335 days from the date of credit of such sum within the User's winnings account. In either case, Play11 might impact an online transfer to the User's bank account on record with Play11 inside a commercially sensible period of time. Such exchange will reflect as a charge to the User's rewards account. Play11 should not charge any preparing expense for the online transfer of such sum from the Play11 Wallet to the User's bank account on record with Play11. Users are asked to note that they will be required to supply substantial photo identification proof and address verification records for verification of personality and address in arrange for Play11 to commence the withdrawal. The title said on the User's photo identification proof report ought to compare with the title given by the User at the time of enrollment on Play11, as well as the title and address existing within the records of the User's bank account as provided to Play11. Within the occasion that no bank account has been enlisted by the User against such User's account with Play11, or the User has not confirmed his/her User account with Play11, to Play11's fulfillment and in understanding with the Terms, Play11 might give such User with a notice to the User's e-mail address as on record with Play11 at slightest 30 days earlier to the auto exchange date, and in case the User comes up short to enlist a bank account with his/her User account and/or to confirm his/her User account by the auto transfer date, Play11 might be entitled to relinquish any sums subject to exchange on the auto exchange date. Failure to provide Play11 with an operational bank account or substantial recognizable proof archives (to Play11's satisfaction) may result within the relinquishment of any sums subject to exchange in understanding with this clause.
      10. Further, in arrange to conduct limited time exercises, Play11 may needlessly issue reward points to the User for the reason of interest in any Contest(s) and no User might be allowed to exchange or ask the exchange of any sum in to the reward points. The utilization of any reward points issued should be subject to the restrictions and limitations, counting without impediment, limitations as to time inside which such reward points must be utilized, as connected by Play11 and informed to the User at the time of issue of such sum. The issue of any reward points to the User is subject to the discretion of Play11 and cannot be requested by any User as a matter of right. The issue of any reward points by Play11 does not entitle the User to request the issuance of such reward points at any consequent period in time nor make an desire of repeating issue of such reward points by Play11 to such User. The reward points allowed to the User may be utilized by such User for the reason of setting off against his/her commitment to Prize Money in any Contest, in agreement with the Terms. The reward points might not be withdraw-able or transferrable to any other account of the User, counting the bank account of such User, or of any other User or individual, other that as portion of the rewards of a User in any Contest(s). In case the User ends his/her account with Play11 or such account on the off chance that ended by Play11, all reward points allowed to the User should be lapsed and the User should not have any right on such Points.
      11. All reward points credited within the User account should be substantial for a period of 14 days from the date of credit. The reward points should slip by at the conclusion of 14 days and the Reward Points amount shall not reflect within the User account
      12. Users agrees that once they affirm an exchange on Play11, they might be bound by and make payment for that transfer.
      13. The User recognizes that subject to time taken for bank compromises and such other outside conditions that Play11 has on third parties, any transfer on Play11 platform may take up to 24 hours to be prepared. Any sum paid or exchanged into the User's 'unutilized' account or rewards account may take up to 24 hours to reflect within the User's 'unutilized' account or rewards account adjust. Essentially, the utilization of the reward points or cash charged from 'unutilized' account or rewards account may take up to 24 hours to reflect within the User's 'unutilized' account or rewards account adjust. Users affirms to waive his/her right to claim against Play11 for any delay, counting any misplaced opportunity to connect any Contest or coordinate due to delay in crediting of exchange sum into any of the User's accounts an exchange, once affirmed, is last and no cancellation is permissible. Play11 may, in certain extraordinary circumstances and at its sole and outright watchfulness, discount the sum to the User after deducting appropriate cancellation charges and charges. At the time of the exchange, Users may moreover be required to require note of certain extra terms and conditions and such extra terms and conditions should too administer the exchange. To the degree that the extra terms and conditions contain any clause that's clashing with the show terms and conditions, the extra terms and conditions should win.

  1. 12. Tabulation of fantasy points

    Play11 may get the score bolster and other data required for the computation and arrangement of fantasy points from third party benefit provider(s) and/or official site of the match organizer. Within the uncommon event that any blunder within the computation or organization of fantasy points, choice of winners, surrender of a match etc., as a result of mistakes in or deficiency of the bolster given by the third party benefit supplier and/or official site of the match organizer comes to its consideration, Play11 should utilize best endeavors to correct such mistake earlier to the dispersion of prizes. In any case, Play11 is dependent upon the correctness and calculation of such third party score/statistic nourishes and does not itself warrant or make any representations concerning the precision thereof and, in any occasion, and shall not be responsible and accountable for any errors or mistakes in computation and arrangement of fantasy points or the determination of winners.

  1. 13. Selection and Verification of Winners and Conditions relating to the Prizes

    Selection of winners will be based upon the scores of the Teams in a assigned match (which may final anyplace between one day and a whole competition) of the Contest(s). The User(s) owning the Team(s) with the most elevated total score in a specific match should be pronounced the Winner(s). In certain pre-specified Contests, Play11 may pronounce more than one winner and disseminate prizes to such winners in expanding arrange of their Team's total score at the conclusion of the assigned match of the Contest. The details of the prize shall be uploaded on the Contest page prior to the commencement of the Contest. Any User participating in the Contest with an aim to make the other User as a winner and played accordingly shall be disqualified from the Contest and Site for ever, once discovered.

    • Within the occasion of a tie, all such Users who are tied shall be announced winners and the prize money shall be distributed proportionately among such Users. In the event, it is been found that any or all such Users have not abide by the Terms, Play11 can seize the Prize Money and is not obligated to pay any sum towards such Users.
    • Contacting Winners
      Winners should be reached by Play11 or the third party conducting the Contest on the email address given at the time of enrollment. The confirmation handle and the records required for the collection of Prize Money might be point by point to the winners. As a common practice, Winners will be required to supply taking after reports:
      • Photocopy of the User's PAN card;
      • Photocopy of a government-issued address proof;
      • User's bank account details.
    • Play11 might not allow a winner/s to pull back his/her prize(s)/accumulated rewards unless the above-mentioned reports have been gotten and confirmed inside the time-period stipulated by Play11. The User speaks to and warrants that the reports given within the course of the confirmation handle are true duplicates of the first reports to which they relate.
      users are required to supply appropriate details at the time of enrollment. Play11 might not be capable for communications blunders, commissions or exclusions counting those of the Users due to which comes about may not be communicated to the winners.
      The list of winners might be posted on a partitioned app-screen on the Play11. The winners will be intimated by e-mail.
    • In the occasion that a User has been announced a winner on the abovementioned app-screen but has not gotten any communication from Play11, such User may contact Play11 within the time period as indicated on the app-screen.

  1. 14. Verification Process

    The winners who complete the verification process within the time period as stipulated by Play11, will be allowed to withdraw their rewards. Any delay in submission of verification of User may result in lapse of rewards. Play11 at its sole discretion shall review the documents submitted by the winner/s and may reject the winner/s claim on rewards for inaccurate or incomplete documents and/or User violate any of the Terms.

  1. 15. Taxes Payable

    All Prize Money should be subject to deduction of charge ("TDS") as per the Income Tax Act 1961. As of April 1, 2018, the TDS rate endorsed by the Government of India with regard to any Prize Money sum that's in overabundance of Rs. 10,000/- is 31.2% of the whole Prize Money sum. In case of any revisions by the Government of India to the previously mentioned rate within the future, TDS will be deducted by Play11 in agreement with the at that point current endorsed TDS rate. Winners will be given TDS certificates in regard of such assess derivations. The Winners shall be responsible for payment of any other pertinent charge, counting but not constrained to, pay charge, blessing charge, etc. in regard of the Prize Money. All Prize Money are non-transferable and non-refundable. Prize Money cannot be traded / recovered for cash or kind. No cash claims can be made in lieu of Prize Money.

  1. 16.Referral Marketing

    Play11 running refer to earn plan in the applications to market the application within the targeted audience as per the applicable laws and any User shall be entitled for referral points for introduction of any new user on the Play11 platform subject to the conditions that User shall participate in Contest(s) and cannot have a dormant account for more than 30 days.

  1. 17. Publicity

    The User hereby by affirms that on being declared the winner, he/she would be accessible, assist and support Play11 for any and all the promotions, ceremonies, functions, gatherings, media coverage, marketing and any other assistance as required by Play11 to as may deem fit in its discretion without any additional charges. However, any transportation or out of station accommodation shall be borne by Play11.

  1. 18. Rights, indemnity

    • Play11 grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable right of use for private use with respect to the respective Game for the duration of the agreement. This shall include multiple downloads to the device(s) linked to the respective account in the respective App Store. Furthermore, the Game may not be reproduced, distributed, publicly performed, broadcast or made publicly accessible on the Internet or via a network, edited or stored on data carriers. It may also not be used or exploited commercially. In addition, decompilation, disassembly and reverse engineering shall be prohibited, unless expressly permitted by law.
    • If the User sends feedback, suggestions and/or ideas (collectively referred to as “Feedback??) regarding the Game or possible enhancements or new developments of Games, Play11 may incorporate such Feedback into its Products and/or incorporate such Feedback into the further development of its Products and use such Feedback as part of the Products, or otherwise publish, edit, use and exploit such Feedback. The User grants Play11, free of charge, the permanent, non-exclusive, spatially unlimited, royalty-free, transferable and sub-licensable right to reproduce, edit, distribute, distribute and make publicly available (in whole and/or in part, and in each case also with respect to adaptations thereof) and otherwise to exploit all Feedback provided by the User. Play11 shall not be obliged to respond to Feedback and/or to use or exploit it. The User waives all possible copyrights in connection with the possible use and exploitation of the Feedback.
    • The User shall indemnify Play11 against all claims, including damage compensation claims, asserted by third parties due to an infringement of their rights by the User’s conduct or the content or data posted. The User shall also be obliged to reimburse the reasonable costs incurred as a result thereof, particularly the costs arising from any legal defense that may be required (including lawyers’ fees customary for the market, which shall not be limited to the statutory fees). This shall not apply if the User is not responsible for the infringement. All further rights and claims of Play11 shall not be affected.

  1. 19. Warranty, liability

    • Insofar as Play11 provides services, no warranty claims shall exist and Play11 shall only be liable in accordance with the provisions of law for intentional and gross negligence; Play11 shall only be liable for defects if it has fraudulently concealed them.
    • If services are rendered in return for payment, the warranty claims of the User shall be governed by the provisions of law, unless stipulated otherwise in this Section 7.2.
    • A warranty shall only be given for the current program version.
    • In no event the liability of Play11 for the intentional action or gross negligence, intentional injury to life, limb or health shall be more than the amount paid by the User during the last 12 months period prior to the date of the claim arose.

  1. 20. Modifications of these General Terms and Conditions

    • Play11 reserves the right to amend the Terms and other terms and conditions with effect for the future in accordance with this Section 8.
    • Play11 shall notify you in writing (e.g. by message within the Game or by e-mail) at least 10 days in advance of any changes for necessary reasons, e.g. for reasons relating to the expansion of services or changes to the Games, amendments to laws or legal rulings or other equivalent reasons that do not affect the main performance duties of the parties. The Terms shall then be deemed approved if the User does not object in writing or in text form within 10 days of receiving this information.
    • If there is an objection in accordance with Section 8.2, the User may deactivate his account.

  1. 21. Modifications of these General Terms and Conditions

    Play11 is the owner or licensee of the copyright, trademark and all other intellectual property rights in and to all aspects of Games and the content therein. Notwithstanding anything else on Play11, including but not limited to the Terms, Privacy Policy etc., the User acquires no right in or to any such copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights.

  1. 22. Third Party Sites, Services and Products

    • Our Site may contain links to websites operated by other companies. Some of these third-party sites may be co-branded with Play11 logo, even though they are not operated or maintained by Play11. Play11 does not share your personal information with those websites and is not responsible for their privacy practices. Once you have left our Site for processing your details, User should check the applicable privacy policy of the third-party website to determine how they will handle any information they collect from User and other applicable terms and conditions.
    • Users' correspondence, transactions/offers or related exercises with third parties, including but not limited to payment vendors, advertisers, vendors offering discount coupons etc. are exclusively between the User and such third party and shall be subject to the terms and conditions, arrangements and other benefit terms adopted/implemented by such third party, and the User should apprise himself/herself prior to acceptance of any such services and/or offers of third party. The User hereby acknowledge and affirms that for any loss which may be incurred by the User because of his/her access to any third party sites, the User himself/herself shall be responsible for any such losses and Play11 shall not be held responsible and accountable.

  1. 23. General Provisions, Applicable law, jurisdiction

    • Waiver Severance- Any failure by Play11 to enforce any right or failure to act with respect to any breach by User under the Terms shall not be construed as, or constitute, a continuing waiver of such provision, or a waiver of any other breach of or failure to comply with any other provision of this agreement, unless any such waiver has been consented by Play11 in writing. In the event of any provision of the Terms, under any circumstances being held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the provisions hereof of the Terms or any such provision in any other circumstances.
    • Force Majeure- Except for the obligation to pay money by the User, neither party will be liable for any failure or delay in its performance under this agreement due to any cause beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation an act of war, terrorism, act of God, earthquake, flood, embargo, riot, sabotage, labor shortage or dispute, governmental act or failure of the Internet. The delayed party shall give the other party notice of such cause and shall use its reasonable commercial efforts to correct such failure or delay in performance.
    • Governing Law- The Terms shall be governed by and construed under the laws within the jurisdiction of India. All disputes arising out of or related to the Terms will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Delhi or as agreed by the parties in an event of dispute.
    • Miscellaneous- Play11 may update and modify these Terms at any time, so please review our Site periodically for any postings about modifications. Your continued use of the Game confirms your acceptance of our Terms, as amended.
    • Contact Us
        If you have any questions or comments about the Terms, please write to us at: support@play11.in
        You can also contact us via email at support@play11.in
        Please be sure to include your name, address and email address in any correspondence to us so that we can respond to your inquiry in a timely mann

  1. 24. Lineup

    • Lineup feature available for specific matches, to assist you in selecting your team on the basis of data from our service providers. Contests will still continue even if there is a discrepancy by either official sources or Play11, we recommend you do your own research for each and every match.

  1. 25. Reward Bonus

    • Every registered user of Play11 is eligible to participate in this Reward Bonus offer
    • User can use this Reward Bonus in the contest joining fees
    • This Reward Bonus is valid for only 30 days
    • Reward Bonus will get expired after 30 days
    • This offer is for a limited time period
    • In all matters relating to this offer, the decision of the Play11 shall be final and binding.
    • All disputes under this offer are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts/tribunals of Delhi.
    • The Play11 reserves the right to modify/change all or any of the terms applicable to this offer. The Play11 also reserves the right to modify, withdraw or discontinue the Offer without assigning any reasons whatsoever. Neither anything contained in these terms and conditions nor shall be running this Offer be construed as an obligation on the Play11 to continue the offer up to the termination/expiry date.
    • The Reward Bonus value will be nothing after 30 days of receiving Reward Bonus.
    • This is a limited Reward Bonus offer
    • Reward Bonus will be transferred in user's bonus balance after add money added in the wallet
    • The offer is non-transferable
    • By participating in the offer, the participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein
      101 - 500 (5% Reward Bonus) Max. Rs25
      501 - 1000 (10% Reward Bonus) Max. Rs100
      1001 - Unlimited (20% Reward Bonus) Max. Rs1000

We are not liable for users' damages sustained due to intentional fault or gross negligence. These Terms do not include or liability for users' impairment of health or deprivation of life or pecuniary damage caused. The deposit of the Bonus Amount shall be at the sole discretion of Play11. Play11 may discontinue, substitute, or change the Bonus Amount offered under the Program at any time without notice.